When applying for a passport or a visa, the issuing authority always asks for a passport photograph. If you travel a lot, your home...

When applying for a passport or a visa, the issuing authority always asks for a passport photograph. If you travel a lot, your home is probably littered with all the passport photographs taken over the years. Issuing authorities tend to be strict on how they expect your passport photograph to look, all due for security reasons and to streamline the process. So as you ask for CVS passport photo prices, also make sure they know the requirements for passport photographs.

Below is table with estimated CVS passport photo prices.


Passport Photo

2" x 2" $10.99

Green Card Photo

2"x2" $10.99

These requirements ensure that your passport photograph is not rejected when you submit it with your application. These guidelines are pretty much applicable around the globe. So if you apply for a visa to Australia, or one to the U.K your photo will still be accepted.

Passport photo requirements:

Always submit one photograph, not more than one unless specifically requested.

The photograph must be in color, black and white photographs will not be accepted.

The photograph should be printed on good quality matte or glossy paper.

Three is one universal size for passport photographs and that is 2 x 2 inches, or 51 x 51 millimeters. Other sizes are not recognized.

The photograph should be taken no later than the last six months. This is so that it represents your current likeness.

The background should not be colorful. It must be plain white or an off-white color.

When taking the photograph, your face should be directly towards the camera. No profile shots or even slight turns will be accepted.

During the shoot, it is preferable that your facial expressions should be neutral. If you do choose to smile, make sure your smile is as natural as possible, and keep your eyes wide open.

The clothes you wear should be the kind you would wear daily. Do not wear uniforms of any kind, or camouflage outfits. If the attire is for religious purposes, it is acceptable.

Hats and headwear should not be worn in the picture unless they serve a religious purpose. When worn they should not cover any part of the face.

Prescription glasses and hearing aid are acceptable in photographs. However, when worn glasses should not cast any glare.

With this requirements in mind, you can now assess those CVS passport photo prices, to get a great deal both in terms of cost and ensuring that the photograph is acceptable.

For more information please visit CVS’s official website.