Trust Home Depot Key Copy Services any time You need that Extra Key A lot of different locations will make you a key, so...

Trust Home Depot Key Copy Services any time You need that Extra Key

A lot of different locations will make you a key, so why go with Home Depot? Well, for starters, a key is more than just a small object. It’s a security measure and something that makes us all feel safe when we hold it in our hands. It’s a reminder that we have a place to go back to, somewhere we belong. The last think you want for this new life with your long-time love is a key that doesn’t open a door.

Below is table containing the most recent prices/cost of Home Depot Key Copy.


House Key

1 Copy$2.17
Decorative Key$2.98-$4.98

Baldwin Key

1 copy$1.59

Car Key

Without Chip
1 copy without rubber$1.87
1 copy with rubber$2.17

A badly cut key copy won’t serve any purpose other than to frustrate everyone involved. It won’t glide in properly, it will have a hard time turning the bolt and may even snap off if the key is cut too big to slide out of the lock. You don’t want to settle for cheaply cut keys – you need a quality product from your friends at Home Depot key copy. Let our devoted professionals cut that key for you and get it right the first time. If you have any problems at all just let us know and we’ll fix it, no questions asked.

Now that you both have access to your love nest, you can also get some great key accessories to help keep everything labeled and organized and never wonder, Now what does that key do? ever again. Home Depot has some really helpful color-coded key tags that tell you at a glance just whether a key is for your house, your car or the shed in the back. If it opens a safe or that weird cabinet that locks for some reason, you can keep it sorted and stay safe with these great accessories.

Do you have an excess of keys from your many properties or just need to keep them organized at work? Home Depot has a great key cabinet that mounts to your wall and holds up to 100 keys. If you need to keep all of those keys on you, they also offer some larger key rings with carabiners to keep each key separate and easy to find. If you just want something fun and impressive, check out the Nite Ize Multi-Tool Key Chain. It’s a bottle opener, ruler, screwdriver and box cutter all in one.

Home Depot has everything you need and a great value for each price. Don’t stress over the changes in your life – let us help you get started in the right direction. Swing by our key copy desk and we will make sure anyone who has a place in your heart will also have a secure way to walk through your door. We’ll see you soon at your nearest Home Depot store.

For More information, please visit Home Depot’s official website.