At some point in our lives we have to get a passport photo. It could be a job requirement or maybe you just want...

At some point in our lives we have to get a passport photo. It could be a job requirement or maybe you just want to take a trip to the Fiji islands. One of the obvious requirements is the passport photo. However, before you start checking out Target passport photo prices make sure you know how to take a good photo.

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Your passport photograph is important because it is used to identify you. As such, passport issuing authorities are very particular about the photographs you submit. Anything in the photograph that may alter your appearance, or make it even slightly difficult to identify you will lead to the picture being rejected. The following are guidelines you should follow to ensure that your photograph is accepted:

  1. The photograph should always be clear, the subject should be focused and identifiable.
  2. The size of the passport photo should be 2 x 2 inches, any smaller and it will be rejected.
  3. When taking the photograph, you should look directly at the camera and keep the expressions on your face as neutral as possible. Avoid smiling, but if you do keep it as natural and unexaggerated as possible.
  4. In the photograph all of the subject’s face should be visible. Shadows, objects or items of clothing that cover any part of your face may lead to a rejection.
  5. If you have to wear glasses, ensure that there is no glare from the flash of the camera or other lights in the vicinity. Also make sure that they are not tinted, as your eyes must be clearly visible.
  6. Clothing worn in the photograph should be normal, no uniforms or military camouflage. Religious attire such as that of Muslim’s is allowed.
  7. When children are having their photograph taken, they should be alone. They should face the camera directly, with open eyes.
  8. The background should be a uniform color, preferably a plain color or white. Make sure there are no shadows as this could lead to rejection.
  9. In processing, the photograph should be clear, with color and with correct exposure.
  • When printing the photograph, there pixels should not be visible and neither should printer dots.

If you follow these guidelines there is no reason that your photograph should not be accepted, and you can now worry about those Target passport photo prices. Always check with the immigration website to see if there are any other requirements.

For more information please visit Target’s official website.