Applying for a passport or a visa is a big hassle. There is so much paperwork, running around, checking out Walmart passport photo prices...

Applying for a passport or a visa is a big hassle. There is so much paperwork, running around, checking out Walmart passport photo prices that confusion is bound to ensue. After all the stress of getting your documentation ready, the last thing anyone wants is to get sent back home because their passport photograph does not meet the requirements. Thus this guide seeks to answer questions regarding the most confusing aspects of the passport photograph.

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  1. What size should the passport photograph be?

Passport photographs should be 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size. Anything else will be rejected.

  1. What should be the age of the passport photograph?

It is advisable to have the picture taken within the past six months, and preferably have the same look as your current one. You may have aged since older pictures, or your body may have grown larger or smaller making you look different.

  1. What background color is considered acceptable?

A plain white background is standard, if not maybe an off-white background. To avoid blending into the background, wear something in a contrasting color

  1. Are black and white passport photographs accepted?

Absolutely not. Neither are sepia, or any other photographic treatments. The passport photograph should be in color and not faded.

  1. Am I allowed to smile in the photograph?

It is fine to smile. It is however, advisable to keep a neutral expression on your face. If you do smile, make sure the smile is as natural as possible. Do not forget to keep your eyes open.

  1. What kind of clothes should I wear in the photograph?

Wear the kind of clothes you would wear daily, like a shirt or a blouse. However, uniforms of any kind are not allowed. Be it military or nursing, they are unacceptable. If the attire is for religious reasons, it is allowed.

  1. Is it fine if I wear my prescription glasses in the photograph?

Yes it is. Prescription glasses, hearing aids or other assistive devices are allowed. When wearing glasses, make sure that the photograph does not capture any glare or shadows from the glasses. Dark colored glasses are not allowed, if they are a medical necessity then you may need to carry a medical certificate.

Now with the confusion swept away, you can check out those Walmart passport photo prices in peace.

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