Snapfish vs Shutterfly – Which is Really Better?

Snapfish and Shutterfly are the two largest online print labs in the US, and a popular choice for printing everything from traditional photo prints to wall canvases to personalized items like coffee mugs. Here we’ve set out to provide the most comprehensive comparison of Snapfish vs Shutterfly on the web….

Truths About Photography You Must Know Now

Photography is becoming one of the most popular hobbies among men, women, and even children, thanks to affordable smartphones and cameras. But beginners are more likely to fall for one of its uncomfortable truths, mainly because of their willingness to plunge into the craft and create beautiful photos – or…

Men and Photographs: Getting Better Results

With the unprecedented popularity of cameras and photography, thanks partly to the proliferation of smartphones with built-in cameras and of affordable digital cameras, men are more likely to accept being photographed in casual situations. You may be asked to photograph the men in your circle of family and friends for…

Best Photo Editing Apps for Smartphones
Smartphones now come with built-in powerful editing tools. In addition, there are several mobile apps that you can dowload and use to make your selfies and other photos look even more interesting. Try them and have your work printed at the corner Walmart to see how they’d look on... Read more
The Basics of Mobile Photography
As defined by PC Magazine, mobile photography is simply taking pictures with a mobile phone. The camera technology on smartphones, according to the tech site, is now more than adequate for taking photos and having them published online. Depending on the camera quality and number of pixels, smartphone photos... Read more
Introduction to Food Photography
Food photography is a specialization of still life photography that is aimed at creating attractive and engaging photos of food for a variety of commercial uses like advertisements, packaging, restaurant menus and cookbooks. The job of a food photographer is to make food “look” delicious and appetizing in a two-dimensional setting. In... Read more
How to Get Started with Still Life Photography
Still life photography is photography that specializes in the use of inanimate objects as composition subjects. It has two forms: “created still life” which is when it is the photographer who entirely decides what will go into the composition of a picture and “found still life” which is when... Read more
Some Baby Photography Tips
Child photography is challenging, but taking good baby pictures is even more daunting. You can’t talk to babies and expect them to understand what you’re saying. You can’t tell them to do this or to do that, to go there and not to come here, to say cheese and... Read more
Some Child Photography Basics
Photographing children is challenging. With kids, everything usually happens way too fast for the camera to capture. Because of that, you can expect to get lots of blurry and out-of-focus photos by the end of the shoot. With kids, there’s also no way you can do formal settings and... Read more
Printing Instagram Collectibles
Instagram is now over half a decade old. Recently, the Facebook-owned service announced that users can now add up to 5 Instagram accounts and quickly switch between them without having to log out and log back in. If you’re one of its over 77 million regular users in the... Read more
How to Reduce the “Noise” in your Pictures
“Noise” in digital photography is the term used to describe visual distortion, much like the “grain” in film photography. Noise is caused by the digital sensor attempting to record light that is too small to record clearly. When a camera is trying to record what is too dark to... Read more
Black-and-White Photography Tips
Most modern photographers think of black-and-white photography as the purest form of photography. According to them, color depicts reality, but black and white is an interpretation of reality. Black-and-white photography is thus a legitimate artform. After all, at its core, a photographer shooting in black and white has to... Read more
The Things You Need to Know About Replacing Keys
One of the things that people make sure they have at home are good locks for their doors and windows. Most of their valuables are in their home and they want to do everything necessary to protect them. That’s why they buy good locks that cannot be easily tampered... Read more